Time of the Tan Leather Jackets

We always want what we cannot have. And isn’t that what Economics preaches? That the human wants are unlimited. Our wishes and desires are insatiable. The moment we get what we want, we set our sights on something else. And perhaps that is the amazing thing about being human. Our spirit is unquenchable, it does not give up. Amongst the myriad of things we want are the things we cannot have. South Asian people want to be fair skinned, while Americans and Europeans strive for a tanned skin tone. Perhaps it is this fascination with the colour tan, or perhaps it’s the colour’s own qualities, but tan leather jackets are becoming rather popular.

A tan leather jacket is this plain brown coloured garment that is extremely appealing to the eyes. Its warm earthy look is overwhelmingly appealing. Meanwhile, its light tone gives a Zen-like feel. The leather jacket, thus, projects a calm and serene aura. Consequently, this item is very interesting. The paradoxical combination of this sturdy and tough material with this beautiful, peaceful colour is intriguing to the extreme. Moreover, this is a direction away from the typical black leather jackets. And in a world striving to invent itself over and over again in novel ways, this is a wonderful option.
Tan leather jackets are also interesting because of the history behind their name. Tan leather jacket is called thus because the word tan is derived from titanium-an oak bark that was used in the ‘tanning of leather’. Rather fitting no?

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