Men's Size Guide

Clothing sizes vary greatly among different designers, brands and countries. Therefore rather than giving you a size chart based on label size, we give you the ‘Actual Measurement of FE Leather Jackets’. In parallel to those measurements, we provide you with an additional column of actual body chest measurements stated in table ‘Suitable for Men with Chest Size’ for your convenience. Please refer to the example stated in the chart for clarification.

The rule of thumb is to order a size which is at least 2 inches larger than your actual body chest size (for snug or tight fit) or 4 inches larger than your actual body chest size (for regular or relaxed fit). This is due to the fact that jackets are layering garments and are worn on top of shirts/t-shirts therefore 2-4 inches wiggle room is recommended for a perfect fit.


Size chart inches men
For e.g. if your actual body chest size is 40 inches, then you can either select FE size ‘M’ (actual jacket chest = 42”, for snug or tight fit) or FE size ‘L’ (actual jacket chest = 46”, for regular or relaxed fit). All the other jacket measurements will follow the chart below:Complete Size chart inches men
Please note that the Leather Jackets/Coat length will vary according to the jacket design. Typically the length of a biker or bomber style jacket is one or two inches shorter than the regular length jackets.

  1. A great way to determine your correct size is to compare our ‘Actual Measurement of FE Leather Jackets’ with a jacket that fits your very well.
  2. If you are in between sizes or if your waist measurement is larger than your chest measurement, go with the larger size.
  3. If you require any customization in the sizes (especially with sleeve lengths) then please contact us here.

If you have any further questions or require any assistance in selecting a perfect size then please contact us at