Choosing Red Leather Jackets

Michael Jackson became a force to be reckoned with from a very young age. The king of pop, Jackson’s magic was not restricted to music alone. His contributions to dance and fashion are legendary. In fact, those three categories are why his 1982 album, Thriller, is known as the ‘best selling album of all time’. The album still, to this day, holds that position. As his sixth studio album, it ought to have been nothing special, and it wasn’t. Instead, it was amazing. The album became absolutely infamous and took up a brand identity of its own. Part of that identity was Jackson’s Thriller Jacket. And that is where the phenomenon of Red Leather Jackets begins.

Black is the more common colour found in these jackets. But a red leather jacket is very much the fashion right now. The trend started by the king of pop, these jackets have re-entered the fashion world over the past year. And a fierce entry it has been. Kristen Stewart, Niki Minaj, Jessica Beil and several others have given in to this fashion. These jackets are outrageously bold. The colour red is associated with rigour, blood, adventure and of course, attractiveness. Combined with a material that is the costume of a culture of alpha-males (biker culture), these jackets are like a double punch. Red leather jackets are not a very old trend. Jackson even sang about them in his song, Girl on Stage. One of the lines in the song was “Red leather jacket, girl call me Michael Jackson”.

Jackson was an iconic man. An African-American, Jackson tore down stereotypes by reaching the pinnacle of the music industry on the basis of his talents alone. Here was a man unafraid to be who he wanted to be and to reach for his dreams. An inspiration to millions of people, Jackson’s fashions and styles were just as enthusiastically adopted as his songs. And thus, red leather jackets started to become a common sighting. By now, a red leather jacket has lost that novelty factor where such a colour in a leather jacket was a thing never heard of.

Kristin Chenoweth, Lindsay Lohan and Blu Cantrell to have been sporting these jackets. While these jackets are still demanded in the design that Jackson had adorned, several other styles have sprung up. In today’s world of innovation and style, one lone design, no matter how famous, will not survive. As a result, a wide range of choices is available for people who are interested. Moreover, these red leather jackets are the current frenzy in the celebrity world. As a result, a red leather jacket for women is available in the most outrageous designs alongside conservative and ombre0 designs. So if you are a fan of Jackson, or love being up-to-date with the current fashion trends, this is the way to go. Forget the old black colour, red is the new black right now. At least it is when it comes to these jackets.

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